Snake Bite

I got off earlier today, with less messing around, and had a nice ride. Just below Thalwil, I rode through a construction zone, rode over a manhole that had been excavated, and pinch flatted the rear tire. So much for the epic, super-tough Schwalbe tubes! Well, to be fair, I think the pressure was a bit low and I hit the rough bump sitting square on my arse. In about ten minutes, I had the tube changed and ready to go. I’m now a fan of the CO2 inflater, which really did the trick and in no time flat. I’ve had the thing for years, and never used it, but It’ll be in my kit for the long haul after today. Now I’ve got plenty of pressure in the tire and no fear of additional pinchflats in the near future. Lesson learned.  The rest of the ride was smooth and easy the rest of the way to school. I left school fairly late and had a gorgeous ride home, with the sun setting on the Alps, the glaciers turning orange, the scraped cliffs standing stark against the blue sky of evening. Awesome. I pushed home pretty fast, making it in under forty minutes. I am swearing that I’ll get photos in the next week. This ride is too gorgeous to believe.

Which brings me to this post from EcoVelo on “the secret” of bike commuting. Man, it’s the truth. I’ll leave you to read it on your own.

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